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When you are moving in or out of storage you need to think about some details that are not a problem for apartment or residential moves. For example, you need to check the storage hours, arrange everything with them and make sure that you can move in or out on the day that is convenient for you. You need everything to be done fast and efficiently, therefore moving and storage companies in Los Angeles would be just what you need. Santa Monica Professional Movers is a licensed and insured company, our movers are reliable and professional and our rates are affordable! We will make your move as smooth as possible, you do not have to do anything!

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We Will Make A Personal Plan For Your Unique Move

Every move is unique and different. As a company who has been in the business for 15 years, we already have a lot of experience with different kinds of moves and we know how to avoid common moving mistakes. Besides the standard service all moving and storage companies in Los Angeles provide, we will also be:

Bringing moving dollies - In order to make loading or unloading job easier

Providing plastic wrap and moving blankets - Everything needs to be protected and secured before loading. We rent moving blankets during the moving process and they are free of charge. You can also buy them.

Using quality tools - For disassembling bigger pieces of furniture

Providing all inclusive hourly rate - We want our services to be affordable to everybody, therefore, our rates are all inclusive and with no additional or hidden charges

Packing your belongings (if required) - If you did not have the time to pack beforehand, we can assist you with packing process as well

We are not charging long carry, handling heavy items or stairs fee - everything is included in our price

Why Are We The Most Affordable Moving Company

You are not staying in the business for 15 years if you are not providing quality service. As a moving company that relies on customer’s feedbacks we know how stressful the moving process can be. We do not want the price to be one more thing that you need to stress about.

As mentioned, we would like for customers with limited budgets to be able to hire our movers, because they are always on top of their assignments. Moving and storage in Los Angeles was never more affordable then with Santa Monica Professional Movers!

Packing service is included in our hourly rate, since we understand that a lot of customer’s have busy schedules and we would like to help in every possible way. Our crew will come prepared, we will use quality packing materials and pack everything in order to avoid potential damages.

There are no additional charges for heavy lifting ! We prepare special equipment for heavier pieces of furniture and recommend the reasonable amount of movers to assist with your move. Besides heavy lifting and loading, we can secure everything in the truck and pack it in a special way in order for everything to stay at the same condition during unloading.

If you have some difficulties with arranging the moving in and out and need storage for a night, we can store your belongings in our truck ! You just need to inform us in advance and we will make all of the necessary arrangements. It will be an easy move, but you do not need to go through a different process with a storage unit for one night only. We got you covered !

Do You Have Some Additional Questions?

We are here for you and we will answer all of your questions and concerns. In addition, we will provide you with a free quote - all inclusive hourly rate that you can’t say no to. Contact us right now!

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