Most people tend to think that movers are always late and disorganized, when this isn’t the case. Reliable moving companies will offer you a guaranteed arrival window in which they will arrive, and will not be late as this can damage both their reputation, and grant them an unsatisfied customer which can also lead to a series of unfortunate events. If there are unexpected situations that might come up before your movers arrive, a professional moving company would let you know in advance. Hiring reliable movers should always be your top priority.

Professional local moving companies will most likely start charging you once they arrive at your starting location, and will stop charging you once they have unloaded everything at the destination. It is always best to ask your local moving company if they charge anything additionally, such as gas or mileage, and keep in mind that some moving companies might even have hidden charges that can significantly change the bill at the end of your move. Make sure that you are putting your belongings in trustworthy hands with a license and insurance as well.

If your movers do happen to damage or lose something during your move, they will compensate for the damage in a professional manner if you have hired a moving company with both a license and insurance. If you also wish to have any form of additional insurance on the side during your move, you are free to purchase it as it is always good to be extra cautious when it comes to the safety of your belongings. Ask your movers if they are insured, and rest easy knowing that you’ve hired a reliable, professional moving company.

Most professional moving companies do also offer packing assistance, but keep in mind that there is an additional fee for this kind of service. Some moving companies offer a separate fee for packing, some might request another mover to ensure the smoothness of the process without an extra fee, and you will most likely be charged for packing supplies which you also might be able to gather by yourself before the move takes place. Ask your moving company thoroughly about this service if you aren’t interested in packing yourself, and let them solve any doubt that you might have so you can rest worry-free on your moving day.

Yes, most moving companies will move IKEA furniture. However, most local moving companies will advise you to have your IKEA furniture that cannot be handled in one piece, disassembled by the time your movers arrive. IKEA furniture might be much easier to move and handle than other furniture, but it is simply not meant to last and it isn’t as sturdy as the other furniture you might own. Just think about the frustration you’ve encountered putting it together, and the unnecessary time and money you would lose by having your movers go through that process on your moving day.

Reliable moving companies are both licensed and insured, and this should be your top priority when searching for the perfect moving company to handle your move. This way, your movers will be responsible for your items since the moment they arrive at your starting location, until the completion of your move. If they do happen to damage, or lose any of your belongings, you will be compensated for them, which is definitely not the case with a moving company that isn’t licensed, or insured.

It is completely up to you when it comes to the moment you should give your movers a call. You can call them one or two days in advance, or set up your move date months before. However, keep in mind that moving companies might be busy and might not have an open slot for your move to take place on the date of your choice, and that giving them a call as far in advance as you possibly can gives you a bigger chance of reserving them on the exact date you wish to move on. Also keep in mind that people mostly tend to move on weekends, or by the end of the month, and that your moving company might lose the availability for these days quite early.

Some moving companies do offer higher rates for weekend moves, and the reason for this is that people commonly tend to move on weekends, rather than weekdays. This is quite logical, as most people need to coordinate their move with their jobs, and day-to-day schedule, in which case a weekend move might be easiest. Some moving companies might not offer higher rates, so it is always best to ask your movers about this and possibly save some money by pushing your move a couple of days behind or forward, at your best convenience.

People might think that moving on your own is much cheaper than hiring a professional moving company, especially for your local mover. However, most people tend to underestimate the number of items they own, and the amount of packing supplies and time you’re going to need for your upcoming move. Hiring a moving company will give you a clear idea of how much you’re going to be paying, and save you a large amount of time by both packing and moving your life’s worth of belongings. Professional movers can also ensure that your items are properly moved, minimizing the chance of any damage or loss of your items during your local move.

Professional moving companies will move most of your plants, although most of them do have a height limit. Keep in mind that your plants cannot be wrapped or protected during the move, and that your mover’s insurance most likely doesn’t cover plants. You can always ask them to move and transport it regardless, but you will almost always be advised to move your plants on your own, to ensure their safe arrival into their new home.