Local moving

No matter the distance, every move takes time and effort. We are here to relieve you from any stress related to moving, and make your local move an enjoyable experience.

Residential moving

There is no need to be scared of the fact that you are packing everything you own and moving into a new living space. This should be an exciting experience – and we guarantee to make it just that.

Commercial moving

Commercial moves require meticulous planning and perfect organization in order to keep everything on track. We will provide you with the smoothest commercial moving experience, without disrupting your business.

Apartmant moving

Apartment moving is a science we have grown to become the masters of. There are no stairs steep or hallways narrow enough to stop us from providing you the perfect moving experience.

Labor moving

Change is exciting, even if it might be quite small. Give our movers a call for any moving assistance, even if your items aren’t leaving your home or office.

Storage in and out

Storage is the perfect solution in numerous situations, but getting your items there or out of there can sometimes cause a headache. Let us be the solution to every moving obstacle you might be facing.


Moving would be a completely different story if only you didn’t have to pack everything by yourself. With Santa Monica Professional Movers, you don’t. Let us show you how easy packing and unpacking can be with the right set of skills and knowledge.