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What we learned from being in this business for 15 years is that a lot of people underestimate the time they will need to arrange the moving process. You think that you will have enough time to pack everything prior to the move, but you are not aware how many belongings you have until you actually start packing. If you need help with packing, the possibilities with Santa Monica Professional Movers are endless. We provide partial packing service, full packing service and moving and packing. We can do it in one day or divide it into 2 days, whichever you prefer. Our specially trained movers and packers have required knowledge to pack everything - from dishes and miscellaneous items to bigger items and fragile belongings.

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Why should you hire a moving company instead of DIY packing

For starters, it will save you a lot of time and that can be crucial for the moving process. Preparing everything in advance is very time consuming, so why don’t you leave packing to professional packers and you can take care about other things that need to be done prior to the move. We have the best packers and movers in Los Angeles and we will finish everything in a timely manner. With Santa Monica Professional Movers you will be receiving:

Team of professional movers and packers to help you pack - even the smallest or most fragile items you might own

Time and flexibility - we can pack any day before your move or on the day of the move.

Quality packing supplies - We want your belongings to be protected during the transportation as well. Therefore, we will provide quality packing materials in order to wrap it and pack it the safest way possible

Disassembling of your furniture - with quality tools, we will make sure everything is disassembled properly, so it can be easily loaded in the truck

Moving services, if you need them - besides packing only, we can also help you load everything and move it to another location. We will safely unload everything and unpack, per your wishing

Always available customer support team - for every additional questions you may have, we are open 7 days a week

What To Expect When You Hire Our Company?

You should expect full commitment and detailed organization on our end. You can leave the whole process to us. When you are hiring professional packers and movers in Los Angeles, you expect everything to be done efficiently. Not only that, we will make a detailed plan for your move and our specialists will be available at any point to further assist. We arrange additional training for packers, since there are different ways of packing different pieces of furniture. We use special techniques for fragile items, in order to double protect them. You should expect:

Professionally trained packers that provide quality service

All inclusive hourly rate - no additional and no hidden fees

A truck supplied with materials to safely transport your belongings (if you decide to use our moving services as well)

Quality packing materials such as plastic wraps and moving blankets

Wardrobe boxes for your hanging items ( we are renting or selling them)

Disassembling services

Always available customer support team

What Kind Of Packing Supplies Do We Offer?

As every moving company, we provide packing supplies. Some of the supplies we provide free of charge and some of them are charged per item used. If you are interested in hearing our prices and getting a free quote, contact us now! We are transparent and there are no hidden fees. These are the packing supplies we provide:

Plastic wrap - free of charge


Moving blankets - free of charge

Wardrobe boxes

Roll of tapes - free of charge

Materials for dish packing

Floor runners - free of charge

Wrapping paper

Tools (regular or power drill) - free of charge

TV boxes

Make Your Reservation With Us Today!

You can make a reservation right now. The only thing you need to do is call us and our representative will help you with everything else! We will ask you a few simple questions in order to see what kind of service you need on our end. Afterwards, you will be provided with your free quote - all inclusive hourly rate!

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