When it comes to the world of moving, we understand that there is a plethora of local moving companies to choose from, and that you can oftentimes experience terrible headaches trying to choose the best one. At first glance, most moving companies might offer similar experiences, but do all of them live up to tell the tale?

There are quite a few things that differentiate us from just about every other local moving company, and our large number of satisfied customers can vouch for the fact that we always deliver what we promise – an exciting, seamless moving experience.

Friendly service

From the first moment you give us a call, we will work together to come up with the best moving plan for you, and to give you a further glimpse of what your moving experience is going to be like. There are absolutely no secrets with Santa Monica Professional Movers – everything we do is transparent and straight-forward, and we love helping our clients out with their moving concerns before the move even takes place. We believe that it is important for our clients to have complete peace of mind about their upcoming move, and to assure them that their moving needs will be met and exceeded. Communication is key – and the customer is always right.

We adapt to your needs

We will carefully analyze your move in detail, determining the focal points of your relocation and what your priorities are, before adapting to them in advance. Some people might look for a quick moving solution, and some might want to focus on the packing aspect of their move. We will approach your move with the same amount of importance as you, and we will never compromise any of our qualities in order to adjust to your wishes. When requesting a service from Santa Monica Professional Movers, we guarantee complete perfection and customer satisfaction by the conclusion of your move.

No hidden fees

Just as we are never shy to talk about the way we move; we are also straightforward with how much we charge. Once you give us a call and our professionals at Santa Monica Professional Movers provide you with a moving quote, that is what you will be paying at the end of the move. There will be no sudden, unexpected charges that you haven’t heard of before, or any additional fees that have not been initiated and discussed by our professional moving agents beforehand. We believe that moving is already stressful enough, and knowing how much you’ll be paying is just a step in easing the process and providing you with a pleasant experience.

Guaranteed arrival window

We at Santa Monica Professional Movers believe in the importance of respecting our clients time, therefore we always offer a guaranteed window of arrival. Once we settle on the best date to relocate you, we will offer you our available times when we can arrive to your starting location, and we take pride in our punctuality. It is vital to be respectful of everyone’s schedule and time, and we guarantee a relocation that will easily fit into your schedule.

Trained movers

Complex training programs are offered to everyone who becomes a member of Santa Monica Professional Movers, in order to provide our movers with the vast knowledge about the moving industry that we have gather with our years of experience. They are trained to carefully pack your items, no matter how fragile or delicate they may be, and to safely heavy lift and handle them, before transporting them to their new location. They are provided with the best moving knowledge in the area, and each individual member of our team has the right skillset to conduct your move with perfection.

Licensed and insured

Most importantly, we are both licensed and insured for the peace of mind of our customers during every second of the relocation process. From the moment we arrive at your doorstep, we take full responsibility for your belongings and you can rest easy knowing that we will take the best possible care of your possessions from start to finish.